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10 Mayıs 2012 Perşembe Saat 23:49

On May 21th we are in Taksim, in Besiktas, we are everywhere....

Again, proclaiming the Circassian Genocide and the Circassian expulsion to the world on May 21 and building a secure future makes us feel sweetly excited and enthusiastic.

One would wish that on May 21 the Circassian people would face the world public as a unity. Our diversity should become our richness: Let's do a democratic "unity of action". Let's increase the hope...

Although this year the "Holy Alliance"  planed to isolate the Patriots and  made  a variety of negotiations since months, although "key players" were taken under police surveillance icluding the hours of their activities in order to reduce the the support for the Patriots, we still  insist on our claim for "Action Union"!

Because Unity is the  message of 200 years of  aspiration and  triumph of the Circassian peoples.


But it did not work. We could not break the egos of  some, we could not find any medicine against their narcissism. Some even interpreted our efforts for unity as a weakness in this effort. As a result, this year as last year "everyone will go its own way!"

Everyone who will walk with us on Taksim on May 21 shrieking our slogans and carrying our banners should know:

FOR US, May 21 is the day of one of the world's peace-loving peoples - the Circassians-  and the day when the war for freedom of their country ended; May 21 is the day of the victors who triumphed over the bodies of our ancestors.

FOR US, May 21 is the day of Circassians who got massacred as the defeated part of the war and  90% of their  population fell victim to exile and genocide.

FOR US, May 21 is the day when Circassia has lost its independence,  the day of occupation and annexation, the day when the imperialist and expansionist Tsarist Russia proclaimed this to the world.

So May 21 ist the day when Circassia and Circassians were intended to be exterminated.

The Coninuity of Tsarist Russia's policy is responsible for the fact that WE Circassians today still live in concern for our future and our existence ist still under threat.

But the aggressive and criminal side of the war,  the heir state of Tsarist Russia did not accept what he did and  is reluctant to compensate the reuslts and instead prefers to deny the issue.

For this reason, on 21 May, we fight for:

“The  recognition of the Circassian Genocide and Deportation" icluding  the compensation of all the results, namely  FOR JUSTICE ...

We are calling to account for the intended destruction and we  are shrieking that it did not work against all those who organized parades on the corpses of our ancestors...

We say NO to the Olympics in Sochi 2014, at the historical place of the bones and the souls of our ancestors and which is arranged at the  150th Anniversary of the Circassian Genocide and Exile...

May 21 is the day where we proclaim that Circassia - which was intended to be deleted off the maps and the memories-  still lives and we will be re-established again one day....

We will show our will to reverse the injustices done to us by shrieking "we will resist, we shall be raised, we will live forever in Circassia"; we will  BREAD FOR SEEDS OF HOPE AND RESISTANCE ...

For this reason we meet:
On May 20, 2012,
at 15 p.m.,
on Taksim Square, in front of the tram stop to make a protest march towards the consulate of the Russian Federation; from there we will move to  Besiktas to support the activities of KAF FED .

The place where we get-together on May 21th  is the place where we can comdemn those who are responsible for the crimes and genocide; it is the place where we can show our anger and raise our voices; it is the place where we can claim the authority and the country for a solution.

Therefore, especially in Taksim in Istanbul, and in front of all institutions and bodies of the RF must be the centers where the sounds of the Circassians  are raised, in peaceful-democratic, but decisive and bold steps.

But now, "The Circassian NATIONAL RESISTANCE" should stretch on anywhere Circassians live.  Those who are unable to attend Taksim should organize suitable activities  in their villages and towns.

Everyone  willing to participate in activities and willing to express sensitivity is invited to prepare placards, banners and slogans appropriate to the day and our the future vision; you are invited to join our activities for organizing these May-21-Events, whose identity, goal, slogans and methods are more than clear.

Long live the struggle for keep beeing Circassian !

Long live Circassia!


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